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A key tool of the trade

How can you create trust and increase workshop conversions and simultaneously empower the customer to take control, and quickly and simply agree on the next steps? Get the right tool for the job.

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Product Overview

CitNOW Workshop takes the customer digitally to the heart of your workshop and allows the technician to show them the work needed on their vehicle while it’s still on the ramp. This means the customer can simply, and quickly, understand what work is required.

Break down perceptions and stereotypes with a simple 60-second video that puts the customer in control. Purely factual, there is no confusion or jargon — customers feel empowered to make a decision because they understand. With quicker decisions comes less wasted time for you, more efficient workshops and better customer satisfaction scores.

No more wasted time chasing for a decision and happier, better informed, customers. CitNOW Workshop is the missing part in your workshop - one single tool that can generate a measurable increase in red and amber work conversions.

Key Features


CitNOW is integrated with most of the major eVHC providers, enabling it to seamlessly fit in with your workshop systems and processes.

Live video

Create an engaging customer experience in real-time. Developed to help you build long-lasting customer relationships, live sessions can be joined from any browser or device.


Customisable email templates, personalised landing pages, and bespoke pre and post rolls for a professional and seamless customer experience.

Amber Follow Up

Once amber work has been identified in a VHC, simply follow up with the customer at a later date to provide even better customer service and secure future work.

Rate This Video

Get critical customer insights by gathering measurable data on customer comments and feedback once they’ve engaged with their personalised CitNOW video.


Check on customer video ratings, view real time results, export reports and view staff performance all through our fully integrated dashboard.

Key Benefits


eVHC's identify work, video sells it; when using CitNOW Workshop, red work conversion moves from an industry average of 50% to as much as 80%.


The CitNOW app automatically packages the video with parts and labour cost information with eVHC into one complete customer overview.


The straightforward and easy video and repair cost package gives the customer the power to say ‘yes’ to any work required, whilst the car might still be on the ramps - saving you time and money.


Now customers can see exactly what your technicians are looking at on their car, helping to break down garage stereotypes by being transparent and honest. Build trust, increase customer satisfaction, make a repeat customer.

Best Practice SMC Ford Gravesend

Watch our Workshop app in action; workshop videos are all about creating trust between buyer and technician. This technician explains everything thoroughly, using visual aids where possible to give that extra level of reassurance to the customer.

Read more about CitNOW’s 2020 Workshop winner here.

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