Introducing CitNOW Conversations, our brand-new solution delivering seamless, multi-channel, two-way, customer communication in both your sales and aftersales environment.

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Get ahead with digital pre-diagnosis communication

Want to boost workshop efficiency by anticipating vehicle issues in advance? CitNOW Triage can make that a reality.

A woman taking a video of an issue she is having under the bonnet of her car.

Product Overview

CitNOW Triage, a pre-diagnostic customer communication service, that allows your customers to remotely capture video and photo evidence of any issues they are experiencing with their vehicle and empowers your Service Advisors to triage the identified issues prior to scheduling or prioritising the daily workload.

CitNOW Triage saves you time and money in ramp utilisation, enabling you to order parts in advance, increase your first-time fix rates (lower return to workshop numbers) and of course increase your customer satisfaction scores.

Key Features

A vehicle asset being shown on a smartphone

Customer image and video capture

Present customers with the ability to capture photos as well as the option to record a triage video to capture the vehicle issue, they have.

A digital questionnaire displaying on a smartphone

Customer questionnaire

Obtain answers to specific questions you need, by presenting the customer with a bespoke series of questions prior to upload of their assets.

A branded email template

Custom SMS and email templates

Bespoke SMS and HTML templates created for your own individual use case, giving you more flexibility to communicate instructions to your customers.

Email notification

Customer activity notifications

Receive automated email notifications whenever any customer activity or interaction takes place.

A laptop displaying a branded web application

Retailer branding

Custom and bespoke retailer branding of the customer web application is available to all retailers.

A web browser displaying content

Standard templates

Two video sections, one for newly captured video and one for previously captured video and a photo section for library or newly captured photos.

Key Benefits

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Cost saving

Save money through both ramp and technician utilisation and increase first-time fix rates.

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A fully automated, digital workflow, generated by customer activity - meaning zero manual effort.

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Customer experience

Provide customers with a great experience by providing them with a faster resolution to their vehicle issue.

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Save valuable time by diagnosing issues and ordering parts in advance offering ultimate convenience for you and your customers.