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Product Overview

Designed to effortlessly consolidate all key information into a centralised hub accessible to all business units and locations. CitNOW Insights provides actionable insights directly to your team, empowering swift decision-making, boosting profitability and delivering continuous improvement.

Navigating through information can, at times, be overwhelming. CitNOW Insights simplifies this process through a range of targeted dashboards. Gaining instant access to critical data, insights and trends in a matter of seconds all presented consistently to your entire team.

Elevate productivity and standards across Sales, Service, Stock Management, Contact Centres and more. Discover streamlined operations and unlock your peak performance.

Key Features


Microsoft PowerBI

Harness the potential of market-leading business intelligence with our core technology, built on Microsoft Power BI. Gain comprehensive insights, make informed decisions and drive your business forward with confidence.



Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of our platform, powered by OpenAI. Seamlessly delve into detailed insights while enjoying continual learning about your models and forecasts. Stay ahead of the curve.

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Effortlessly integrate with various touchpoints, from direct API connections to Data Extracts. Ensures smooth data absorption, allowing you to harness insights from multiple sources with minimal effort.

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Analytics Hub

Our central Analytics Hub empowers you to seamlessly integrate, store, manage and analyse all your data from one centralised location. Streamline processes and unlock the full potential of your data effortlessly.

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Generate key reports or automate actions with ease, directly from within our platform. Streamline your workflow and enhance productivity for your team, enabling them to focus on the highest value tasks.

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Access multiple specialised dashboards for each business area, created by automotive experts. Dive into key insights and analytics relevant to your sector, providing invaluable guidance for informed decision-making.

Key Benefits

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Time Saving

Our solution streamlines the process of gathering data from various retailer sources into one centralised platform. With seamless integrations, you save time previously spent on manual data collation, empowering you to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth.

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Gain access to data tailored to specific roles, providing insights at every level of your organisation. From individual performance metrics to site, group and national views suitable for OEMs, our solution ensures each stakeholder has the relevant information they need to make informed decisions and drive success.

a small box with an arrow leading to a larger box depicting scalability


Our solution evolves with your business, allowing you to build and customise it over time. Tailor-made for individual team members and business units, it grows alongside your organisation, ensuring alignment with your evolving needs and objectives. Embrace scalability and adaptability for sustained success.

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Empower your entire team with access to the same data and key performance indicators (KPIs), fostering alignment and supporting the achievement of business objectives. By ensuring consistency across all levels, our solution promotes cohesive decision-making and drives collective progress towards shared goals.