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CitNOW Awards 2020 – Best Workshop Winner

Our 2020 Best Workshop CitNOW award goes to Louis Evans of SMC Ford Gravesend in Kent. Louis was our Star of the Month in September, and his presentation stood out for its thoroughness and easy-to-follow presentation making this video our winner for the 2020 CitNOW Awards.

Above all, the real key to the success of the video is its transparency. Louis doesn’t just run through the results of the various tests he’s done: he shows his equipment in action, shows all relevant areas of the car and clearly displays the readings and results.

There is a good mix of information, with clear explanations delivered concisely without taking too long. He also helpfully puts the results into context, so that the customer understands the likelihood of parts like tyres and brakes needing imminent replacement.

By explaining what he’s looking for in clear, jargon-free language, the customer will gain a good understanding of the status of their vehicle, even if they aren’t a car expert. As a result of a video of this nature, and also thanks to a clear call-to-action at the end, the customer is more likely to feel confident that their car is in good hands, and that SMC Ford Gravesend are doing a thorough, diligent job.

What makes this video even more impressive is that Louis had only been with the workshop for a few months. After only a small amount of training, he was already able to make outstanding videos like this. Congratulations to Louis and to SMC Ford Gravesend!