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Five key pointers to create seamless videos using Multipart

At CitNOW, we care about great automotive videos that resonate with customers just as much as you do. That’s why we’re always keen to give you the benefit of our advice on how to develop the best possible videos, whether you’re aiming to generate sales or provide top-quality workshop experiences. 

One of the most important ways to bring videos to life is to maximise the professionalism of the recording, especially if you can seamlessly transition from one shot to another. Within both CitNOW Sales and Workshop, our Multipart feature makes this key part of video creation easy, and this latest blog explains how to access the full range of benefits.

Saleswomen making a video stood alongside a car
Creating a seamless video with ease

Multipart is a stop/start function within CitNOW Sales and Workshop, that allows users to effortlessly pause their videos at any point during the recording. You can review and approve the sections you want to use, and Multipart then ‘stitches’ them together automatically: the end result is a slick video that smoothly runs from one section to the next. 

This may sound like a relatively minor part of video production, but it can make a much bigger difference to the success of your recordings than you might think. With Multipart, you can: 

  • Keep videos sharp and concise: if you’re relying on a single shot for your entire video, then you’ll have sections where you’re physically walking or moving from one part of a vehicle to another. These parts don’t add any value to the recording, and can slow down the pace of a video considerably. Multipart makes it easy for you to develop videos without these sections and get straight to the next shot.
  • Stabilise the viewer experience: when moving from one area of the vehicle to the next, recordings can look unstable and shaky, especially if you’re walking particularly quickly. These can be awkward for some viewers to watch, and can sometimes give a ‘roller coaster’ effect. Taking these out by using Multipart for transitions, can restore some calming steadiness to your videos from start to finish.
  • Give customers more transparency: now more than ever, customers are expecting greater levels of service and communication from dealerships, at every stage of the sales and workshop processes. A video developed through Multipart allows them to get a feel of the whole showroom or workshop environment, and build a feeling of trust and confidence in you as a retailer.
  • Ease the video development process: trying to record an entire video in a single take can be challenging, as there are lots of different things to say and areas to film. Using Multipart means that recordings can be broken down into more manageable chunks, which are easier to record one-by-one and allows you to correct any mistakes much more quickly than by starting again from scratch. Breaking the video down into smaller sections also means each part can be reviewed and approved in turn.
  • Add personalised information: Multipart allows you to weave in sections specifically recorded with individual customer requests in mind. For example, if a customer wants to know more about the in-car entertainment system, you can record a short segment on it and work it into the video at the appropriate point. This not only delivers the personalised experience that customers are looking for, but can also be used as an opportunity for upselling.
In summary

Multipart has the ability to take both sales and workshop videos to the next level. It can help deliver the personalisation, professionalism and concise information that customers are looking for, and help inspire trust in you as a retailer. What’s more, because it’s so easy to use, it’s a fast and simple job to get your workforce up to speed, making it a quick win for improving the effectiveness of your videos.

To find out more on using Multipart with CitNOW Sales or Workshop, get in touch with the team here.