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Six integrations for effortless customer interaction

Making your lives, and your customer’s lives easier is just as important to us as it is to you. Whether it’s through better sales management, improved communications or a more coordinated customer journey, a stress-free automotive buying and selling process is far more enjoyable for everyone. 

At CitNOW, we believe this is achievable through technical excellence and seamless integrations, bringing different tools together for smoother operations, more intuitive communications and smarter decision-making. With over 225 integrations across CitNOW Group, from around 100 of our partners, we can help streamline your operations and facilitate you to deliver the best sales and aftersales experiences possible. 


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Stronger sales management 

With today’s sales journey being detailed and complex, with a multitude of customer touchpoints both online and offline, careful planning is required to ensure the best communication along the way. Many of our integrations are designed to make these complex journeys much easier to manage. 

Video plays a huge part in delivering the personalised information that customers are looking for, which is why CitNOW Sales integrates with several other solutions, such as Dealerweb Showroom for sales management and iVendi for financing.  

The Dealerweb integration enables fast and easy creation and distribution of personalised videos directly from the enquiry management system; something that is crucial at a time when almost a quarter of customers expect a response to their enquiries within half an hour. The iVendi integration, meanwhile, allows customers to explore a range of finance options directly from the videos they receive, including applications, soft checks for eligibility, and vehicle reservation payments. 

We also know that many retailers use Salesforce as their customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which is why we’ve worked hard to introduce our own Salesforce integration. In the case of CitNOW Sales, it means that details of all customer interactions can be shared across both platforms, to ease the process of performance monitoring and customer management. We’ve also recently launched a similar Salesforce integration for CitNOW Workshop, which means that the entire sales and aftersales journey can now connect with a retailer’s Salesforce CRM. 

Bolstered aftersales support

CitNOW Workshop is an indispensable tool in the aftersales process, making things much easier for both technicians and customers through personalised videos that are informative and easy to understand.  

There are several integrations that help further enhance workshop performance, and complement CitNOW Workshop in improving time management, customer insights and confidence. For example, REALtime Communications (RTC) can bring automation into diary management, ensuring that the right technicians are always assigned to the right jobs, based on their skills, experience and availability. Additionally, Keyloop enables smooth buying journeys, easy data sharing between applications and departments, and clear visualisation of insights for better decision-making. In particular, it removes the need for technicians to enter data into the integrated system multiple times. 

Workshop-related integrations can also be customer-facing, too. The Bumper platform for ‘buy now, pay later’ purchases can be integrated directly into customers’ vehicle health check videos, so they can see the work that’s required and arrange the finance for it straight away. This gives customers greater flexibility and confidence when it comes to approving repair work. 

In summary

We’re always on the lookout for ways to innovate and make your retail and workshop activities as efficient and stress-free as they possibly can be. The integrations we’ve highlighted in this blog, as well as all the others within CitNOW Group, help to unite customers and retailers, and benefit both parties through internal efficiencies and customer experience transformation. That way, every buying journey, from sales to aftersales and beyond, can be easy, positive and satisfying for everyone involved. 

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