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Robinsons ŠKODA

‘Amber Follow-Up’ increases amber work approved by 86%

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Many workshops miss out on follow-up work from Amber alerts picked up during servicing, but Norwich-based Robinsons ŠKODA has managed turn the tables after adopting CitNOW’s Amber Follow-up add-on technology.

Having heard about CitNOW’s user-friendly platform, the group opted for CitNOW Workshop and following the move it wasn’t long until the benefits shone through.

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Day-to-day, it’s a tool which makes our lives easier. For example, even if the front-end receptionists don’t book in a customer’s next visit on the day, they are able to easily do so at a later date thanks to the tool’s intuitive interface. Not only are we securing more Amber work, but all the appointments have a good level of detail to them, so we can act readily on current work. The output is great and it eases the pressure on staff; and all this for relatively little extra spend.

Alistair MacFarlane

Robinsons ŠKODA