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Using video to explain vehicle tech will be imperative for future car buyers

Today’s car buyer is more interested in how the car drives and fuel type, but tech will become increasingly important for tomorrow’s motorist when considering their next vehicle purchase.

CitNOW’s report Evolution of the Car-Buyer 2019 found two-fifths (40%) of the 1,000 UK drivers polled listed a vehicle’s drivability as the top priority when deciding on which car to purchase. It was closely followed by fuel type at 39% and the cost to insure at 32%.  Read more about drivers top considerations here.

Surprisingly, high tech safety features like autonomous driving came way down the list with just 13.5% citing these as their primary consideration when choosing their next car.

The top considerations of the future car buyer will shift slightly but significantly.

As customers become increasingly at ease with using tech, priorities, which are already slowly moving towards in-car technology when buying a new vehicle, will heighten. Visually demonstrating how technology works, how it interacts with devices such as smartphones and explaining connectivity will be a vital way to engage buyers. Videos illustrating the ease of use of such features and their benefits will undoubtedly help break down barriers.

The research found semi-autonomous safety features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is becoming more important with nearly 40% of buyers highlighting this, along with connected technology and in-car infotainment, of higher importance than before.

By 2020 40% of UK cars are expected to be fitted with ADAS features whilst the EU has identified 11 ADAS safety measures, including autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assistance and fatigue monitoring systems.  The EU is aiming to have features like these fitted to all new cars by 2021.  Using videos to explain these features and their benefits help educate car buyers.

Interestingly, just 5% of 18-24 year olds in CitNOW’s research currently prioritised connected technology in their next vehicle, compared to more than three times as many (17%) 35-44 year olds.  Younger drivers are more likely to be preoccupied with insurance costs, environmental factors and driveability. Since their incomes are typically lower than older motorists, younger buyers will naturally lean more towards cars which offer lower road tax, insurance and fuel costs.

Explainer videos will prove invaluable in educating the prospective customer.   Demographic splits highlighted above reflect the need for video communications to be tailored to the recipient.

Other video explainers, such as the tech behind more environmentally friendly vehicles and lower running costs will also prove helpful to consumers.  Explaining terms such as ‘adblue’, showing how to top up oil, how to plug in a hybrid or EV or different electric charging speeds will all enhance the buyer’s experience, increasing the likelihood of committing to a dealership.

Using standard video best practice, such as confirming a test drive appointment, showing the prospective customer where to park when arriving on site and who they will meet, will go a long way to building relationships before customers set foot inside the dealership.


You can download the full Evolution of the Car Buyer report here.