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Meet the digitally-led workshop

Customers want more convenience, information and transparency when they deal with workshops, so that they have a clear view on any work required and can make informed decisions around spending on repairs, at a time that suits them. The digital workshop, with video at its core, has moved from forward-thinking innovation to become an assumed essential.

As the use of video by workshops has increased over the last decade, the UK is now producing an average of 1.3M CitNOW Workshop videos a quarter, or 433K per month, receiving an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 in September alone. As a result, it has become an indispensable tool for workshop staff to meet customer demands. But how much of a difference is it making? And how can you utilise video to maximise your opportunities for revenue?

To gauge the state of play, we surveyed more than 1,000 consumers and 500 automotive retailers about how video is being used day to day in the workshop. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the key findings, what they mean, and give you some helpful tips on how best to use video in a workshop environment.

Workshop video: the key facts

Our survey uncovered a number of important points about workshop video, not only in terms of its resonance with customers, but also in terms of just how useful it is from a business perspective. In particular:

  • Customers are open to video-based comms: When customers are unable or unwilling to visit dealerships in person, 93% of retailers say video is a key tool in connecting with them remotely
  • Videos support vehicle health checks (VHCs): 75% of customers say they value the VHCs workshops perform. At the same time, 41% of customers say they are more likely to approve any repair work needed if sent a video that clearly shows what’s required
  • Videos generate fast responses from customers: Of all the work proposed with CitNOW videos, 39% of it is approved by the customer within half an hour of them receiving the video – and 26% within just ten minutes
Maximising the potential of video

With so much opportunity available through workshop video, it’s vital that dealerships like yours do everything you can to create videos that are engaging, transparent, and that integrate information like repair proposals into the customer experience.

By using the CitNOW Workshop platform, you can:

  • Bring video and eVHC together: Videos detailing the status of the car and the suggested repair work needed can be displayed within the same web page. This way, customers can immediately get all the information they need in one place, and make quick and informed decisions about approving work
  • Add transparency to the process: Video gives workshop staff an unrivalled chance to explain work clearly and transparently by adding visuals to their verbal explanations. This ensures that even customers without automotive expertise can gain a full understanding of any problems, and any remedial work required as a result
  • Deliver a slick, professional look: By applying corporate branding to the videos, and the web page that hosts them, you can inspire customers with more confidence that they’re dealing with knowledgeable professionals that they can trust long-term
  • Integrate the whole experience: Other tech-based services that form part of the workshop process can be integrated. For example, our integration with Keyloop can help boost efficiency, reducing the admin burden on workshop staff. An integration with Bumper can also be utilised, to embed interest-free payment options into the video and repair list pages sent to customers
  • Retain customer engagement: By using CitNOW’s Amber Follow Up feature, you can send customers scheduled, well-timed messaging that ensures they don’t forget to make timely decisions around any work that needs addressing at a later date
  • React to feedback: CitNOW Workshop’s rating system means you can get feedback from customers on your videos, learn what works and what doesn’t and apply those learnings to make even better videos in the future

If you’re wondering exactly how these tips manifest themselves into successful, engaging videos, have a look at our latest Workshop Star of the Month winners from August and September. But in any case, there’s no time to lose in reassessing exactly what success looks like within your workshop, and the changes you can make in delivering on customer expectations in a competitive marketplace.

Learn more about how workshops have evolved into digitally-driven operations by reading our full report here.