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CitNOW and Keyloop strengthen collaboration to maximise impact of sales and workshop videos

CitNOW is integrating its industry-leading personalised video communications tool with Keyloop’s Autoline Revision 8 Dealer Management System (DMS) to help automotive workshops improve how they capture and share video content with their customers.

  • Existing partnership extended to include Keyloop’s most widely used DMS, Autoline Rev 8
  • Increased efficiency when creating CitNOW videos alongside Keyloop's VHC Touch
  • CitNOW officially joins the Keyloop International Partner Programme
  • Development comes as consumer engagement with video hits all-time high

Building on a successful CitNOW integration with the industry-leading Autoline Drive DMS, the new initiative will benefit thousands more retailers who use Keylopp’s VHC Touch solution, allowing them to increase their efficiency when creating CitNOW videos. This is the first step towards greater collaboration between Keyloop’s platforms and CitNOW and marks CitNOW’s full certification into Keyloop’s International Partner Programme.

The integration reduces the data entry requirements for trade professionals using Autoline and CitNOW Workshop by providing the Technician with a dropdown in their app to select a customer’s vehicle and pre-fills their contact details, saving time and reducing potential errors.

“In light of the challenges caused by the current pandemic, video communications have never been more important for retailers,” commented Rab Fyfe, Head of Product for CitNOW. “CitNOW and Keyloop are both market leaders in their respective fields, and together we can help retailers weather the harsh conditions assailing the sector and further improve efficiency in the workshop.”

Following a successful pilot of the Autoline Revision 8 integration, CitNOW has now been fully certified as part of the Keyloop Partner Programme. This industry-wide initiative offers potential automotive tech partners the opportunity to integrate with a range of Keyloop applications, using standardised integration points to help create a seamless user experience for retailers.

Dilwar Hussain, Partner Manager at Keyloop says: “We are delighted to extend our relationship with CitNOW as a strategic partner in the UK. An integration with Autoline Revision 8 DMS means that we can offer more choice to our mutual customers with VHC Touch, an efficient solution that creates value for the retailer and for the consumer.”

The product integration is being introduced at a time when demand for personalised video-enabled capabilities in dealership operations is growing rapidly and consumer engagement with video is reaching record levels. More than 1.06 million videos were created using CitNOW products in September 2020 – a single-month record. The number of CitNOW Workshop videos viewed by consumers during September was up 17% from September 2019, reflecting how more consumers are embracing contactless interactions enabled by CitNOW’s digital communications.

CitNOW is introducing a range of further product enhancements that will enable retailers to expand the contactless customer experience. These include a new desktop screen sharing facility, and a video guidance portal to assist technicians when evaluating parts requirements and warranty claims. Further third-party systems integrations are due to be released soon – all as part of developments to help drive dealership profitability and improve the car buying experience for consumers.

Today, retailers operating both Autoline Drive and Autoline Revision 8 DMS and CitNOW Workshop will be able to enable the integration by contacting their CitNOW Account Manager.