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Quarterly Roundup – March 2024

Hi there,

Welcome to the latest update from CitNOW. In this quarter’s newsletter, we’ll offer our perspective on the latest industry trends – from maximising customer engagement and efficiency in our latest CitNOW Group blog to our recent Auto Talk article covering the emerging role we believe artificial intelligence will have in the year ahead.

We would like to make special mention of the 2023 Digital Spotlight Awards winners for best Sales and Workshop video. Congratulations to Jay Tutton from Synter BMW in Sunningdale and Rory Davis from Acorn Kia in Crewe. The videos you create make a huge difference to how customers interact with you and create much more personalised experiences. We look forward to seeing more in the future.

Lastly, we’re delighted to share we will shortly be expanding our product range. Make sure you follow us on Linked In for the most up to date information.

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