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How to Get Online Quicker with CitNOW Web

CitNOW hosted almost 10 million videos on its platform in 2018 alone, reflecting video’s mainstream status alongside email as a focal communication tool. Video is considered so vital to dealership operations that many OEMs and dealership groups now train their apprentices in its use, and include video skills as a ‘must have’ when recruiting staff.

Personal video messaging is already used extensively, particularly for eVHCs, where CitNOW dealers provide a video for the majority of cars coming through their workshops. However we expect to see even more growth in video usage on the web in the coming months.

Images for vehicles uploaded onto websites for sale is standard practice across the board, but video is yet to achieve equal status. Yet, we know the more content available for used cars on the virtual forecourt, the more enquiries a car receives. In turn it sells quicker – and faster stock turn is a big profit booster.

CitNOW’s Web app provides full control over digital marketing assets using just one app to collate all content for online marketing. Used vehicles go from being retail-ready to fully uploaded on dealer, manufacturer and classified websites in just a few hours – complete with still imagery, 360 interior and exterior views, and video.

The Web app is a fully comprehensive product which does away with the need to wait for a photographer to visit on site, as dealer employees are able to shoot still images, video and 360 views themselves. Individual manufacturer standards are already programmed into the software so there’s no risk of falling foul of brand requirements. After the content is captured, the vehicle has all the assets it needs to be fully marketed online across dealer and classified websites in minutes. By gathering and uploading all the necessary digital assets as soon as the car is on the forecourt, it increases the likelihood of an enquiry quicker than ever.

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We’re always looking for ways to develop and enhance the CitNOW Web app to bring added value to our customers. Following our Winter Release, dealers can now select the order that material is collated with Web Shotlist. Watch our explainer video, which shows you how you can collect your images, 360 and video media bundles in the most efficient order that suits you. Another recent addition, Theme Builder, allows dealers to customise the look and feel of the pages their customers receive their videos on. Dealers are able to change the theme, layout, logo and font elements for an enhanced video experience.

If you are not yet using our Web app, talk to us today for more information and to request a demonstration.