CitNOW Triage, our new pre-diagnostic customer communication platform, is now available!

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New features to keep you and your customers connected 2019 Winter Release

Web Shotlist Image collection just got a lot more flexible

web shotlist banner

You can now choose the order you collect your CitNOW Web media. Instead of having to move, squeeze round or delay collecting your asset to fit a prescribed pattern select ‘Your Choice’ from the CitNOW Web menu will allow you to collect your images, 360 and video media bundles in the most efficient order for you.

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Theme Builder Stand out from the first look

Theme builder banner

Theme Builder opens up editing access to the look and feel of the web pages your customers receive their videos on. Change the theme, layout, logo and font elements to let your brand stand out and set the tone for the customer and their personalised video experience.

Who has access? Available on request Theme Builder, once activated, will be available to Managers who have access to the CitNOW Dashboard.

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