CitNOW Triage, our new pre-diagnostic customer communication platform, is now available!

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Robinson’s Case Study

According to AutoVHC only 15% of vehicles with amber work flagged left the dealership with the work. Red work often takes priority for both the customer and the workshop. Amber work get flagged, but then as it isn’t an immediate safety concern, gets forgotten. Enabling retailers to easily communicate the right message at the right time to the customer is key to help retailers increase workshop bookings and ensures the customer’s car remains in the safest condition.

Amber Follow Up – made easy

One retailer has boosted workshop hours and amber conversion with a new tech feature from CitNOW. The Amber Follow-Up add-on helps workshops record and follow-up identified amber work that isn’t sold immediately. At the time the vehicle was originally in the workshop, a follow-up date is put into the CitNOW dashboard which automatically generates an email incorporating the original video and the same service advisor’s details when the time draws near for the work to be carried out.

Scheduling amber work for follow-up and incorporating the original video as a reminder is a powerful way of encouraging more workshop bookings and ensures what had been minor issues do not deteriorate and become an even bigger problem.

Case Study: Robinsons ŠKODA

Utilising the new feature, Norwich-based workshop Robinsons SKODA has seen an impressive 86% increase in work approved, resulting in an 11% boost to workshop labour hours. A big improvement from a simple, cost-effective addition to their CitNOW Workshop subscription.  Follow this link to view the case study in full.


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