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Google backs video as an automotive game changer

When Google starts talking about video as a game changer in the automotive industry, it’s time to sit up and take note, especially when you see the results. Google discusses how retailers, in this instance using a case study from Pennsylvania USA, are improving sales and customer satisfaction by utilising video. The killer line, underlining video’s impact is:

“Last year, in a declining market, I increased my profits by 37%. I spent less money and sold more cars than I have in 25 years.” David Kelleher, David Auto, Glen Mills

The figures from America are impressive. The featured dealer reports profits up by 37%, internet leads by 26% and in-store traffic by 22%. They mirror the success retailers have had using CitNOW’s personalised video platform, both in the US and the UK, over the last 10 years.


Why is video so effective?

“The idea of going digital might seem daunting for auto marketers who have traditionally relied on mediums like TV, but as Kelleher and others are discovering, video engages consumers throughout the purchase funnel.”

The key factor is how video influences consumer behaviour. Google’s research showed 75% of US car buyers say online video has influenced their behaviour and their purchase*. At CitNOW, our own research reinforces these findings. More than 50% of customers believe an online video tour of a used car for sale is an important or essential part of the used vehicle listing with this figure rising to 60% amongst those looking to purchase in the next two years.

How to use video?

With over 10 years of experience and 27.5 million videos created on our platform CitNOW knows that to succeed with video you need a platform that allows you to build video into your customer communications at scale. In the case of David Auto, they used YouTube as a platform to host and share their video content, with great success and of course evey platform has its pros and cons. Hosting on a open-to-all, non-bespoke platform means thats you lose control over pre-play advertising, distribution and have limited access to reporting and personalisation. Here at CitNOW, we believe that personalising the sales or aftersales experience by making a video specifically just for that customer is the best way to stand out.

The benefits of being personal

The benefit of using an enterprise-grade, personalised video platform is that prviacy, data-security, branding, reporting and personalisation all take priority. You can keep in touch with customer throughout one buyer journey and into the next, provides an all round upgrade to your customer communications. It’s secure and scalable too. Having gained ISO27001 accrediation, CitNOW customers can be assured the data contained in the 8.9 million videos recorded in 2018, is highly protected and looked after by a company adhering to the strictest protocols for cyber security.

Video Relationship Management

Interested in learning more about video?

It’s no wonder Google loves video and at CitNOW we think you should too. One size certainly doesn’t fit all, which is why we’d love to talk to you about how video could work in your network or dealership. With Google backing video as an automotive game changer and established platforms ready to support you, it’s a great time to start the conversation.


* Google/Ipsos, U.S., “How People Shop with YouTube” study, 18–64 year olds who go online at least once per month and have purchased a car in the last year (n=400), July 2018.