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Video of the Month - May 2018

Retailer: Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds

Sales Executive Graham Smithson introduces himself at the beginning of the video and will now be a ‘familiar face’ should the customer visit on site.

Graham demonstrates how to use our Multipart feature which is available on our Sales and Web apps. Multipart enables Graham to record individual clips, pausing the recording when he wants to move around the vehicle, and then go again. This takes care of those getting in and out of car moments, introductions to camera and calls to action, these segments are then automatically stitched into one video.

As he walks around the car, Graham shows the bodywork is in excellent condition with close-ups supporting his commentary – no dents, no chips, no scratches and pristine alloys. He even adds the tyre depth for good measure which helps to build additional confidence with the customer.

In fact, Graham has the knack of highlighting more than one thing at once without overloading or confusing the commentary. A huge asset when you have a few minutes of film to do the car justice.

Graham has also tailored his presentation to the customer’s personal situation by demonstrating the features likely to be of interest to a young driver such as USB points and the car’s media system. Then he talks about features likely to be of interest to parents such as the speed limiter and satnav, which means their son isn’t relying on Google maps on his phone when finding his way around.

With two audiences to satisfy (parents and son), Graham knows he has to pick out features which appeal to both. He artfully and seamlessly switches between both with a clever, intuitive and polished presentation.

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