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Management Team

Meet our Board of Directors

Meet the Management Team

Photo of Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW

Alistair Horsburgh

Group Chief Strategy Officer

One of Alistair’s earliest automotive memories was his Grandad’s dealership shutting at lunchtime for an hour. Alistair served his apprenticeship and finally sold Dane County’s Vauxhall dealerships to Arnold Clark in 2004.
He spent a further 4 years as Commercial and then Sales Director at Accident Exchange.
He’s a massive digital enthusiast. He’s also a season ticket holder at Manchester United.

Photo of Boris Huard

Boris Huard

Group Chief Executive Officer

Boris has over two decades of experience in the international technology sector. His first ten years were dedicated to consulting and integration businesses, followed by a decade in software, data, and analytics. In his most recent role, Boris led the global strategy, overseeing product teams, and driving innovation.
Under his leadership, the company experienced significant growth and heightened customer satisfaction, marked by the successful global launch of pioneering products.
Originally from Corsica, France, Boris is married and the proud father of two daughters. Since 2001, he has embraced life in England with enthusiasm and currently lives in central London.

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Brian Aird

Group Chief Financial Officer

Brian has over 20 years of international finance and senior leadership experience and joins the business from Wood Mackenzie, a data analytics and consultancy business serving the natural resources industry, where he has most recently been fulfilling the role of Senior Vice President of Finance.

Carol Fairchild profile image

Carol Fairchild

Chief Operating Officer

Carol has over 19-years’ experience in the automotive industry, including retail-side, most recently consulting for one of the largest dealer groups in the UK.
Previously holding positions within Arnold Clark - the ultimate being Group Marketing & Product Development Manager, Carol was instrumental in the roll out of video within the Arnold Clark network.
Important to Carol is making a difference to the business and people - building and being part of an amazing team. Testing things first, using data to drive decisions vs. jumping in – yet ensuring actions are timely.
In her spare time Carol enjoys the views of the Scottish countryside when hill-walking and relaxing over a glass of gin.

Photo of Gordan Grant, Global Sales Director at CitNOW

Gordon Grant

Executive Director - Global Programmes

Gordon has 40 plus years of automotive sector experience including board level positions with Carter & Carter, where he managed multiple OEM relationships and programmes, and Accident Exchange, where he was Sales Director.
He joined CitNOW in 2013 with the initial objective of introducing the benefits associated with CitNOW products and services to automotive OEMs and Dealer Groups before transitioning to the role of Executive Director for Global Programmes.
He’d like to list golf as one of his hobbies, but he’s rarely around to enjoy membership of his local club, spending as much of his leisure time in his motorhome as he does at home.

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Ian Hepworth

Group Chief Technology Officer

Ian is a Software Developer/Architect by background and an experienced leader, well versed in building a positive and collaborative global culture of success in distributed teams. Joining us from his recent role as CTO at a SaaS Group where he led the integration and re platforming of 7 acquisitions, Ian brings a wealth of experience to the company. Prior to this role, his position as CTO played a critical role during a period of exceptional growth from 26 million to >100 million in revenue. Ian lives with his wife and teenage son in Leicester, keeping busy with several hobbies and some interesting investments including a shareholding in Scunthorpe United.

Laura Haskins

Chief People Officer

Having worked in HR for over twelve years, qualified at Advanced level 7 CIPD, Laura's key areas of experience are in leading large scale change programmes and people initiatives that are aimed at adding value and bringing people to the forefront of the business.
One of Laura's strong beliefs is that our people are our greatest asset - something that forms the basis of our pillar statement. Aligning our people, priorities and objectives to the wider business vision and strategy is a clear goal, driven by Laura's passion to make a difference for our people and our business.
For Laura, having a young family herself and spending spare time keeping busy and enjoying family life, is something that helps keep the human aspect in balance to help create a culture that's inclusive of working families.

Photo of Michael Tortolano, CIO at CitNOW

Michael Tortolano

Chief Information Officer

Michael has been building software products and services for over 25 years with a specialty in digital video software solutions.
He is the founder of a number of successful start-ups, including Home Media Networks and Codevio, both joint collaborations with CitNOW CTO Colin Tinto.
At CitNOW Michael oversees the design and development of the brand’s rapidly expanding business-to-consumer video service.

Portait photo of Rab Fyfe

Rab Fyfe

Group Director of Product

Rab started out his career in computer networks. From there he built a design consulting practice in the years leading up to joining CitNOW back in 2013. He worked through various Product and Commercial roles in his time at CitNOW, joining the board in 2022. Today he's responsible for the group's product portfolio, supporting the product and design teams to help the group deliver best in class products. In his free time he enjoys football and photography. He's an occasional runner, probably more infrequently than he'd like.