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Year of the Used Car Report

Building your understanding of the current used car market

Front cover of CitNOW Year of the Used Car 2018 Report

Year of the Used Car

Years of new car market growth has flooded the market as vehicles reach the end of their finance cycles. These vehicles are landing on forecourts with attractive price tags and customers have been quick to take notice.

Change is afoot

Used car buyer expectations have changed and the automotive industry is rapidly evolving to keep up. With new car registrations declining and used car stock increasing focus is shifting as retailers look to reap the rewards in the ‘Year of the Used’

Knowing your customers is half the battle

The other half is delivering on what they want. Packed with insights from UK used car buyers, the CitNOW Year of the Used Car report uncovers the needs and expectations of today’s used market. It has the answers for retailers looking to understand the modern used car buyer and profit from this under-exploited opportunity.

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