Introducing CitNOW Conversations, our brand-new solution delivering seamless, multi-channel, two-way, customer communication in both your sales and aftersales environment.

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Personalised Digital Communication Experts

Personalised digital communication is vital for bridging the online to offline customer experience and we provide just that. With something for every stage of your customer’s journey, our app-based platform provides a secure, brand-compliant solution - so you can start building trust, transparency and long-lasting relationships.


  The Benefits


Bridge the gap

Personalised video allows automotive retailers to meet the challenge of bridging the gap between online and offline communications, and helps build lasting emotional connections.

  • Competitive advantage - get ahead of the market by providing added value
  • Omni-channel experience - provide an integrated and cohesive customer experience
  • Improve lead management - increase and nurture a pipeline of potential buyers
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Customer first

Customers today live, research and purchase online. Personalised automotive video and smart imaging provide a tailored buying experience, while building a one-to-one relationship with the retailer.

  • Customer experience - delight customers and improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Retailer efficiencies - integrates with your existing processes and systems
  • Emotional engagement - harness consumer trust and build relationships
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Buy better

The retailer comes to you with a personalised video of your vehicle of choice, whether you’re buying or maintaining it.

  • Quicker buying experience - decide what car to test drive based on personalised video
  • Build trust - Simply and quickly see what work the technician is advising, complete transparency
  • Relationship building - The personal approach from the convenience of your mobile device
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Customer Testimonials

The benefit of CitNOW is that we use it as a transparency tool to our customers. So, instead of using or keeping the old part, we send over a video upfront where we explain the necessity of the repair. And make sure it’s totally clear for the customer why there is a repair.

Andre Lexmond Mercedes-Benz Europe

Just to let you know my first experience using [CitNOW Live], this was my first time and have managed to close the guy on the call. This was on a £45k car in the showroom. Walkround of the car, explain a few key features and benefits and handle any objections on the spot. It is very powerful and allows you to get your personality across

Craig Oliver Volvo Cars Edinburgh

We’ve found CitNOW Sales to be invaluable for quickly establishing a connection with potential customers and building trust. It’s easy to use and helps move sales prospects from research to purchase. We recently achieved our quickest video-to-sale experience, with a customer placing a deposit on a van just 10 minutes after receiving a personalised CitNOW video. I created and sent the video to the customer in response to an initial phone enquiry, demonstrating the excellent condition of the vehicle and backing up my claim that it had been well looked after. They phoned back almost immediately to put down a deposit, without negotiation. CitNOW continues to make a vital contribution in the sales cycle.

James Seager Volkswagen Ipswich Vans

CitNOW enables us to demonstrate trust and transparency with our customers and gives them a view of the car that they won’t have seen before. We’re now two years into the partnership with CitNOW, and the whole network now sees it as a standard part of their operating practices.It started that transformation of moving from written communication or verbal communication, into visual communication.

David Crane Vertu

CitNOW is a business that helps us create trust and transparency with our customers. It makes our jobs more transparent; it builds value in what we do both in sales and aftersales, and makes customers feel like the service is more personalised to them. Customers get to know us as individuals, before they even set foot in the dealership, they get to see the person they are going to deal with, they get to know the car … in a lot more detail, so it brings everything to life without having set foot in the dealership. It also helps us convert enquiries into appointments and ultimately into sales much more effectively with personalised video. In aftersales, there’s no doubt that its driving conversion rates on health checks, we’re definitely converting more red and amber work with the use of video. I would strongly recommend a partnership with CitNOW, because I think they are the market leader by far. They are more innovative and more technologically savvy with the partnerships and the key stakeholders that we operate with.

Nigel McMinn Lookers

CitNOW helps our business strategy by giving us the opportunity to lead on customer experience giving the customer complete transparency. Using CitNOW Web, Vehicles are now advertised within a few hours with good quality, consistent images that can be viewed easily via the CitNOW dashboard, allowing retailers to monitor their stock. It allows customers to purchase from us with confidence and assurance with the videos that are presented to them via the CitNOW app,and the feedback we get from our network is that it is a seamless and simple app that offers a great way to communicate instantly with customers. I would recommend a partnership with CitNOW because it is at the forefront of developing digital video and image technology and the team has been very supportive with their account management.

Sian Evans Inchcape

It’s really good, really useful and we are definitely having a win with it, it makes life a lot easier, especially with those distant sales, just putting peoples minds at rest, it’s a great tool

Ben Voden Porsche Centre Cardiff

I would certainly recommend CitNOW in a sales environment, its added a little bit of fun into the workplace and its something new!

Scott Jefferies Newport Caravans

Introducing video was an extremely positive step for the business, but the next stage was to ensure consistency and quality across all teams at all sites. We also needed to re-energise the entire Health Check process. The CitNOW Roadshow is a high-energy, hands-on training event, crucially with minimal workshop downtime. We’ve already seen a tangible uplift in customer comments on the videos we’re producing, which is extremely positive.

Duncan Sands Swansway Garages

CitNOW was flexible and supportive in everything it delivered for us. The feedback from our retailers has been good and there is a genuine feeling that the ones who were already using video now understand the benefits in doing things differently and taking things to the next level. Those retailers who were new to video found it a real eye-opener in terms of why this is a fantastic tool to use with their customers. I really feel that our ŠKODA UK network is ready to take things to the next level.

Lisa Hartley ŠKODA UK

The ongoing challenge for all workshops is maintaining customer communication. After customers drop off their vehicles, many believe they end up in an imagined "garage black hole" until they pick them up. With CitNOW, customer transparency is easy to achieve as it allows us to send high quality videos reliably. This puts our customers at ease and helps us to offer more value for money by visually demonstrating what work is needed, laying to rest the myth of the "garage black hole".

Essex Auto Group said Brett Robins

By using video communications, we have been able to personalise the car buying experience for our discerning customers down to the finest details. This digital approach has helped us expand our reach beyond our site to some of the furthest corners of the globe, securing sales far beyond the showroom doorstep and generating a swift return on our initial investment.

Steve Rogers Maundrell

There is a direct correlation between the implementation of CitNOW and the relationships that have been developed with the customer. Customers have responded particularly well to the thank you videos that we have sent as it adds an extra layer of communication that we’ve not had in the past. The Rate this Video feature has also been particularly useful; it’s great to be able to get instant customer feedback and gratifying for our team to have swift, positive feedback on their videos.

Abbie Bennett Town Centre Automobiles

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