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Transparency key for retailers as mechanical reliability tops used buyer concerns

  • Nearly three quarters of buyers most concerned about mechanical reliability in used car market
  • CitNOW study reveals overall vehicle health and condition are biggest fears among buyers
  • Improved transparency and trust could alleviate used car doubts
  • Less than a fifth worried about distance to retailer as digital revolution continues

2018 Report - Year of the Used Car

Building transparency and trust could reap the rewards for retailers across the UK, as research reveals buyers are most concerned about mechanical reliability of used cars.

The study conducted by CitNOW found that a staggering 71% of buyers considered mechanical reliability the greatest concern when buying a used car. Alongside worries over mechanical reliability, overall vehicle health and condition dominated consumers’ top concerns about buying in the used market. In addition, around four in ten buyers said they had worries over potential bodywork problems, accident damage and electrical faults.

The growing digital marketplace has already had a big effect on buying trends, with just 19% of consumers concerned about the travelling time needed to view a car. The latest research arrives as part of CitNOW’s ‘Year of the Used Car’ report on the used car market, revealing that a surprising 48% of prospective car buyers are now looking to buy used, with another 20% undecided.

The automotive video pioneer has said that building transparency and trust through video could help allay consumers’ most common concerns about buying a used car and convince undecided buyers.

CitNOW’s Sales app empowers retailers and their staff to send personalised videos of their stock, helping to engage customers with the product while building trust and transparency.

Ollie Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services at CitNOW, commented: “While the used car market is enjoying a real purple patch, our Year of the Used Car report shows there

is still opportunity for retailers across the UK to boost used sales even further with outstanding customer service.

“For many motorists the decision to buy used isn’t without its risks; this is where our platform comes into its own. Detailed customer videos can highlight all the essential details to a potential buyer – including mileage and bodywork condition – building a transparent relationship between the retailer and even the most wary of customers.

“With greater interest in used cars, competition is fierce among retailers, and that extra peace of mind video brings can be the difference-maker to get potential customers invested and, ultimately, onto the sales floor.”


For a further look at CitNOW’s ‘Year of the Used’ Whitepaper visit: https://www.citnow.com/resources/yearoftheusedcar/

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