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Monthly Roundup – July 2022

It’s vital for all of us to stay on the pulse of changing customer expectations, and how we can reach out to them successfully. Part of that is making a conscious effort to use new digital tools for communication, so that the car buying process can be made as simple and easy as possible.

It’s something we’ve highlighted in our recent opinion piece for AM Online, which includes some interesting stats on the preferences of younger car buyers, including:

  • A third of buyers under 25 say their relationship with their sales executive was the most important part of the experience
  • 22% of buyers under 35 say they’d be happy to be contacted by sales staff through messaging apps like WhatsApp
  • Nearly three-quarter of under 25s say they’d be more likely to make a purchase if sent a personalised video beforehand

This last point is especially important, and our latest blog explores how you can integrate personalisation into sales processes that are increasingly online and digital. Video has a major part to play in personalisation and can have a big impact on the customer – and you can see the extent of that impact in the Customer Delight video that won our Digital Spotlight Award this year.

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