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CitNOW Digital Spotlight Awards 2021 – Best Customer Delight Video Winner

Jack Howard, Sycamore MINI Peterborough

Our Customer Delight winner this year went above and beyond with his video: not only in his recording, but in the fact that the customer only asked for photos and Jack followed up the enquiry with an even greater level of detail.

We chose Jack’s video as the winner because it combined a good walk around, full of transparency and information and included a test drive section that let the customer see the vehicle on the road. Jack was helped by a colleague for the filming of some of the sections, which isn’t essential for a good video, but worked very well in this case.

Overall, it’s clear that Jack put plenty of thought and preparation into the video to ensure it was as good as it possibly could be. And as Jack’s video was viewed by the customer three times in the space of 35 minutes, and the customer went on to buy the car, the success of video in turning interest into sales is plain to see here.

“Well done, Jack! We can see the thought that went into giving the customer the best possible presentation of the vehicle they were interested in. The virtual test drive was a really nice touch and would have completely exceeded the customer’s expectations.”

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