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Monthly Roundup – January 2022

Happy New Year! We’re excited about moving forward in 2022 and providing further technology and product developments to make your lives easier and enhance your customers’ experiences.

The new year gives us a chance to reflect on the previous one and plan for the next 12 months. We certainly saw a lot of changes and challenges in the industry in 2021 with the microchip shortages, used car demand and the restrictions that COVID generated. Dealing with those challenges proved that digital transformation is now more important than ever, and as our report shows, it can play a big part in enabling seamless customer journeys.

We were delighted to see a record year at CitNOW in terms of video content. In November, we reached a cumulative total of 60 million videos created on our platform with over 12 million videos created in 2021 alone. We’ve also expanded our functionality with the integration of Tootle and Dealerweb, and our next-generation upgrade to our mobile apps. We’re looking forward to introducing more features and integrations over the coming year to make your lives, and those of your customers, easier.

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