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CitNOW expands automotive video and image platform with Interior 360

  • CitNOW announces enhancements to its Web Video and Smart Image app for automotive sales professionals
  • Interior 360 allows retailers to record and share in-depth interior view alongside video and still images in one application
  • More engaging classifieds boost dwell time and emotional appeal
  • New tech bolsters digital assets available to retailers as used car sales continue to rise

CitNOW has bolstered its suite of automotive video and photography technology with the addition of Interior 360 to its Web Video and Smart Image app.

The update, which is available now, allows retailers to record and upload a full 360-degree view of any vehicle’s interior, to accompany the images and videos created in the same application.

As the used car market proves buoyant, Interior 360 technology allows sales professionals to create a more engaging classified ad, which highlights a vehicle’s unique selling points and increases interest and dwell time.

CitNOW Web Video and Smart Image with Interior 360 is an end-to-end solution, designed to make creating valuable assets for classified adverts as seamless as possible, getting stock online to market in hours rather than days.

Used car sales remained strong in 2017 with over 8 million used vehicles changing hands throughout the year, making it the second highest total on record, which presents retailers with a crucial selling opportunity.

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW commented: “Sustained consumer appetite for used cars is a real opportunity for the industry, but retailers are always competing for the attention of their potential customers online.

“It’s now very simple to roll out highly visual, engaging classifieds with video, photography and Interior 360 simply by using the Web Video and Smart Image app. For consumers, an enticing advert boosts emotional appeal for a used car. For retailers, it means stock moves faster.”

CitNOW Web Video and Smart Image with Interior 360 is available now.