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Judging a car by its cover: bodywork images rated most important by used car buyers

  • Two thirds rate bodywork imagery as essential when buying used cars
  • Bodywork imagery more important than shots of interior, mileage or in-car tech
  • Shots of the in-car technology more important to over 55s than 18-24 year olds
  • Bespoke imagery and greater transparency could make the difference for booming used car market
When it comes to used cars, buyers will often judge a book by its cover: research by CitNOW revealed most customers consider bodywork imagery the most important digital sales asset to receive. 

The study by the video tech pioneer found that two thirds of car buyers rate bodywork imagery as essential when buying used, ranking its importance above mileage and even the interior condition. The study, which forms part of CitNOW’s ‘Year of the Used Car’ report on the used car market, revealed that over 90% of used buyers consider high quality images essential or important when viewing online. Yet in a competitive used car industry, the study found surprising differences between buyers’ priorities. Far from being tech-obsessed, only a quarter buyers aged 18-24 consider shots of in-car technology as crucial compared to a third of over 55s, who rate it higher than any other demographic.

Shots of the interior are key to winning over younger used buyers, with over half rating them as an essential, just in front of bodywork, wheels and spare wheel imagery. With such disparity among buyers, CitNOW has suggested that a more tailored buying experience could reap the rewards for retailers across the UK.

CitNOW’s Sales app empowers retailers and their staff to send bespoke videos and images of their stock, helping to engage with customers and deliver a tailored buying journey.

Ollie Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services at CitNOW, commented: “Every customer is different and the needs and requirements of buyers can completely change from person to person, particularly in the used car market where there are so many considerations. “For used retailers, the challenge is to know their customers and tailor their journey accordingly – whether that’s sending an image of the bodywork or a video of the interior. Getting the right assets in front of customers can ultimately lead to a sale while boosting customer satisfaction at the same time.”

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