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Workshop Star of the Month – November 2020

Great workshop communication is built on clarity of description that strips out the jargon and puts detailed information into language that any customer can understand. And our Workshop Star of the Month for November has delivered an excellent example of this in action.

Our winner is Jordan Wilcock at Rybrook Volvo in Preston, Lancashire, who has conducted an excellent walk-through of a service. From tyre pressure measurement to oil draining, he works through each element in turn with calm, friendly, accessible language. He even goes to the length of showing and describing the tools used to measure brake pad wear, a visual representation of the corrosion, and delivers tips on how the customer can find tyre pressure information.

This approach plays a valuable part in building good customer relationships, helping them feel that the workshop is a trusted partner with reliability and safety at heart, and that the workshop isn’t trying to blind them with science. Videos like this keep the customer well-informed and at ease with the vehicle service process.

Well done, Jordan: your efforts are a great example of what’s possible with workshop video.