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Video of the Month - February 2019

Video VHC – clear and accessible

Steve Absolom at Lancaster Reading takes the customer through the VHC at a good pace, ensuring information delivery is clear and accessible manner.

Beginning with an explanation of the traffic light system Steve combines an easy-going, informal approach with technical knowledge. Pointing out a number of different vehicle parts and showing their wear and tear, details are delivered in a style that’s easy to watch, a pleasure to listen to, and is readily understood by anyone no matter their technical knowledge.

With his engaging tone and chatty personality, you feel you are talking to your next door neighbour. Steve’s likable character and complete ease in delivering technical explanations at each part of the eVHC engenders trust. Steve establishes authority, showing his expertise and walking the customer through the assessment in a way that would be impossible to convey in any other way, apart from in person.



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