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Video Stars: Celebrating great videos, starring you

A great sales or workshop video is about so much more than just getting in front of a camera and hitting the record button. But if that makes it sound complicated, think again – CitNOW simplifies the creation of videos that are far more engaging than phone calls or emails ever could be.

Every year we process millions of videos, and it’s to be expected that some will stand out more than others. But one question we often get asked is: what does a ‘good’ CitNOW video look like in practice?

That’s why we’ve created our Video Stars playlist, available on YouTube, to provide a collection of the best examples of Sales and Workshop videos that we hand-pick from existing CitNOW users all over the UK. It recognises the achievements of top video creators, and by sharing these with both video takers and managers alike, we hope to motivate and inspire video creation, highlight best practice, and provide innovative ideas to help videos resonate with customers.

Leading by example

Here are three particular stand-out videos from our Video Stars:

This video was recorded by Dominic at Arden MINI in Maidstone, Kent. It’s a great example of the difference that personalisation can make to a video, as the intro engages the recipient right from the start, and the outro informs the customer that they’ll be receiving a follow-up call shortly. He’s also found a spacious area to park the car for filming, so that he has plenty of room to show the car at every angle and go into its details.

Chris at TrustFord in Lisburn, Northern Ireland recorded this video in early 2021, when retailers were still having to deal with COVID-related restrictions. This didn’t hold him back in showing off the car inside and out, taking advantage of the unused car park to bring the car to the front door for the best possible backdrop. He’s also honest with the customer by detailing that the car is due for cleaning, and completes the recording with the promise of a follow-up call.

This example of a vehicle health check was recorded by Rob at Rybrook Volvo in Preston, Lancashire. He uses the tools at his disposal excellently to demonstrate the tyre tread readings, and also gives an explanation of an alignment issue that’s clear enough to be understood by anyone. His methodical process and informal, engaging language is extremely beneficial in building trust and transparency with customers who want to know their vehicle is in good hands.

Nurturing video talent

It’s worth taking the time to explore the Video Stars playlist in more detail, because there are lots of great video examples to help inspire and show you what a good customer video looks like. We also have a wealth of tips, techniques and best practices to share for managers and sales and aftersales video takers in our How2CitNOW video series. Here is a summary on how to start nurturing video talent:

  • Use the CitNOW Dashboard to understand video performance in detail. Explore star-rating reports, and spot trends in what works (and what doesn’t)
  • Think about the customer to ensure your videos include what they want to see, and plan them out accordingly
  • Watch sent videos either as a team, or when you have a moment, to highlight well-made videos. Think about good practice within them, so that high standards can be picked up by everyone
  • Nominate for an award in our annual Digital Spotlight Awards. Entering is easy via the ‘Nominate for Video Awards’ button in the CitNOW Dashboard or directly via this form

“As 2022 gets up and running, it’s a good time to look at your processes and where you can make improvements. Reviewing your video output and pinpointing areas for improvement is a great opportunity to improve your customer engagement. Our Video Stars programme points the way forward and shows what great videos look like - and what they can achieve.”

Amir Rizvi, Head of Academy


In summary

There’s no doubt that good videos can make a real difference in engaging customers, improving their feedback, and building brand reputation. Whether you and your team are looking to fine-tune your skills, or want to boost your confidence in your abilities behind the camera, the expertise within our Video Stars playlist is a great place to start.

View our Video Stars playlist here, or book onto one of our free webinars run by our Academy team – view all available sessions and book online here.