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Porsche Centre Cardiff

Ewan West at Porsche Centre Cardiff delivers a friendly and personable video walk-round of the 911 GT3, following a customer enquiry. Ewan positions the car well and shows off the vehicle to full advantage whilst providing an easy listening but highly informative commentary. He demonstrates extensive product knowledge and insight into the car and the brand.

He delivers a measured presentation as he slowly walks around the vehicle displaying every inch and ensuring the customer enjoys full views at all angles. By providing commentary at a slower pace, Ewan allows all aspects of the car to be appreciated by the viewer and adopts a similar narrative style when showcasing the interior.

Motorists looking to buy a Porsche would be swayed by the confident presentation style combined with knowledge which hints at great technological insight but at this early stage doesn’t blind the viewer with science. The viewer is absolutely assured Ewan understands the brand and this specific model. Introducing himself and delivering such an in-depth walk-around is hugely persuasive. It shows Ewan is completely in tune with Porsche buyers and what attracts them to a particular model.

Finishing the video with an assurance that the retailer is keen for his business and committed to negotiating a deal is likely to persuade the viewer to pick up the phone.