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When the customer received this personal video communication from Nicole Mcilwaine of Renault Newtownards in Northern Ireland, Nicole received a five-star rating. The customer commented on the amount of information she packed into just over two-and-a-half minutes and was impressed that the car could be viewed from every angle.

Nicole is personable, friendly, talks to the camera as though she is face-to-face with the customer and that is hugely impactful, as illustrated by the customer’s enthusiastic response to the video.

She shows off the car’s interior and features such as the ambient lighting, SatNav and charge points. Close ups of the alloys, the mileage and the rear highlighting its spaciousness all resonated with the customer.

A thorough and succinct walk-around of the car with plenty of description and a flawless presentation which flowed effortlessly with lots of information without overwhelming the viewer. Friendly, down-to-earth and informative, no wonder the customer was quick to respond with such positive comments and a top rating.