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Automotive videos don’t only give the opportunity to show a car’s best bits – they’re also great for giving the customer full transparency, showing any areas they might be concerned about, before they show up at the forecourt.

It’s for this that Todd Denyer from The Family Car Centre Farnham wins March’s Video of the Month Award.

His balanced overview demonstrates the car’s excellent condition, while noting some minor scratches and wheel corrosion. Whilst this might feel counter intuitive for some, Todd is increasing the chance of sale when the buyer visits the forecourt by addressing potential issues head on – avoiding any surprises for the buyer and building trust in the process.

Todd get’s the basics right too though. He starts with his face to the camera, does a thorough exterior and interior walkaround and even demonstrates the car’s service history by showing the log book.

Showing this physical proof of service history was another great way Todd demonstrated video’s ability to provide complete transparency for the buyer. Overall a great video, congratulations Todd.