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Video of the Month - March 2018

Retailer: Gates Ford Harlow

A clear, concise introduction explains what’s to come in just a few seconds with the fact that it’s a ‘complimentary’ health check mentioned very early on having the effect of making the customer feel looked after.

This aspect of clarity is immediately continued when technician Scott Romaine at Gates Ford Harlow moves onto the first of the four tyres and there in white marker pen is the tyre tread depth graphically indicated in figures etched on the tyre itself. Scott goes on to use a measurement gauge to provide a regular centre reading we are used to seeing, but there’s no doubt this approach is visually effective. To add even more gravitas, Scott wears protective gloves further underlining his professional approach.

Illustrating how brake pads are measured, Scott demonstrates there is plenty of wear left. He points out a number of components explaining their status as he goes using a professional but reassuring tone. The absence of leaks, corrosion and breaks are pointed out on all the main components providing even more peace of mind. Finally, panning out from the car and finishing with a frame of the licence plate means the customer is confident they are indeed viewing the various aspects of their own car.

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