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Video Of The Month – June 2018

Retailer: Lookers Nissan Newcastle

If you thought your parts colleagues were in a department where creating an engaging video for customers, particularly trade, was impossible, Lookers Nissan Newcastle’s Graeme Parkinson has just proved you all wrong.

Graeme gives a jocular performance referencing the World Cup to encourage trade customers to take up their latest offers and enter their latest competition.

Friendly, to the point, trade offers fully explained and with the tongue-in-cheek competition question (when did England last win the World Cup?) all wrapped up into a minute’s worth of viewing. Graeme provides an excellent example of how video can be more widely used throughout the business.

And, good shot from the off-camera ball thrower who hit Graeme square in the head with a Nissan-branded football, how many takes did that take, we wonder?

Rounded off with a kick of the ball from Graeme followed by sound effect glass breaking, this video is short, funny and topical, that’s sometimes all you need to get a response.