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Acorn Mitsubishi Birmingham

With the customer’s onsite visit taking place the next day, sales executive Blake Edgington was quick off the mark sending over a video of the Mini Cooper which was to be test driven at Acorn Mitsubishi Birmingham.

At just under four minutes’ long this video is jam packed with information about the car from its alloy wheels to its features inside the cabin. Explanations were clear and he presented the detail quickly but distinctively. Blake also pans the camera around slowly ensuring the viewer enjoys the car from all angles.

Blake’s commentary is flawless, he does not stumble over his words, the delivery is as slick as any presentation on stage to a large audience. A truly professional performance which ensured the vehicle was presented in the best light in a short amount of time.

Rounding off the video with a reminder to the car buyer to bring his driving licence provides an added sprinkling of customer care whilst an ‘introduction’ to the sales executive before you arrive on site is a bonus for the customer.