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Peter Cooper Volkswagen Portsmouth

Harry Cooper of Peter Cooper Volkswagen in Portsmouth uses video to bridge the gap between the digital forecourt and the physical site on receipt of an enquiry from a customer located much further away. He later discovered the car buyers were wary after a bad experience at another dealership and his series of video messages boosted their confidence in the business and the sector.

The combination of impressive customer service delivered in-store and digitally via video convinced the couple to buy and they have vowed to return when it comes to buying their daughter the Volkswagen Polo she has her heart set on.

The video whet their appetite ahead of their test drive certainly, Harry provides a descriptive and informative video walk-around highlighting its athletic stance and driving dynamics. But it is Harry’s honesty which makes this video stand out and the outcome serves as a reminder that is most definitely the best policy.

Harry points out some chips on the alloys which he assures the customer has been booked into the workshop to be rectified. Later he notices a minor flaw on the bodywork which he assures the customer will either be polished out or repaired prior to purchase. Not only does it reinforce the message that the business is transparent, but draws attention to these areas so the customers will be sure to check. That’s powerful since Harry is confident the work will be carried out and is therefore happy to highlight it thereby providing reassurance that the business is trustworthy.

Harry’s openness along with his very chatty presentation style is instantly likeable. Sending the video message ahead of the test drive the next day and pointing out some of the work required also ensures the couple’s experience won’t be marred by spotting something unexpected. They know there’s some minor issues which Harry has promised to attend to which means their test drive experience will not be compromised. Open, honest, friendly, informative and reassuring, no wonder the couple went ahead with the purchase and have promised to come back.