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Marshall Peterborough Peugeot

If you thought it would be challenging to communicate by video to a deaf customer, Adam Clough at Marshall Peterborough Peugeot demonstrates how to think out of the box, taking personalisation to the next level.

A series of stickers were used to highlight legal tyre depth and the customer’s tyre depths were then chalked on the tyre itself. All aspects of the eVHC were featured, using the labels to identify a clean bill of health or work required.

The ingenious approach meant the customer was still able to benefit from the highly visual aspect of seeing the car on the ramp and the various components whilst still being able to comprehend what he was being shown. Areas which needed attention were also pointed out in this way resulting in the customer authorising much of the work required.

Using a thumbs up and thumbs down also added a personal touch and a bit of personality so the customer felt the communication came from a person rather than what could have been construed as a more impersonal approach.

The customer rated this video five out of five. It’s an excellent example of a personalised video that takes a customers individual needs into consideration.