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Video across the Ages. Part 1

Car buyers of all ages are embracing video as a means to help them shortlist their next vehicle and facilitate making a purchase decision.

In 2017 over 7.5 million videos were sent using the CitNOW platform, watched over 15 million times and rated at an average 4.8/5 by automotive customers worldwide. It’s clear both the motor trade and car-buyers have embraced video. But, video isn’t the same to all car-buyers. CitNOW’s Vision Research* revealed key differences between age groups and what they enjoyed about the video experience.

In our series ‘Video across the Ages’, we explore the different attitudes to video across the generational divide and offer insight into the preferences, opportunities and challenges retailers need to know about when using video to communicate with their customers and car-buyers.

The Baby Boomers: Over-55s

One of the most surprising findings was how open the over-55s are to using video when considering their next vehicle. Far from being technophobes, these Baby Boomers may not have grown up with the internet, but this is the generation has had no choice but to learn and interact with new technologies. They may remember the technical difficulties of sending an email via an over-sized computer, but this generation has taken enthusiastically to personal video. In fact, more than three-quarters (78%) of over-55s have already used or would be willing to try a personalised video to help choose their new car or to approve repair work.

Research Insights:

1) Baby-Boomers know what they want and have owned several cars before. More than 70% do not refer to either sales materials or motoring reviews when buying a car. Previous ownership cycles and brand experiences have a significant effect on consideration.

Over-55s have an extensive purchase history, so include their preferences to your video. Provide content tailored to them. If they enjoy driving a particular model, use video to promote a newer model version. Show how the new model respects the brand/model history and design whilst also including the perks and added benefits of a modern vehicle.

2) If they have had a negative experience previously this gives the video-enabled retailer an opportunity to turn around their set views with a positive experience.

Overcome stereotypical views of the motor trade. Surprise them with the transparency video brings and show how the automotive industry operates today. For the over 55s, seeing is believing, so a workshop video can work wonders in dispelling misconceptions and mistrust.

3) First impressions are powerful. Due to the age of the video industry, previous experiences are unlikely to have included a personal video experience.

When video is unexpected it can have a big impact. It provides a great opportunity to personally connect your sales or workshop team with the customer whilst retaining the added convenience of a digital experience. Rate this Video feedback from over 55s commonly references how this is the first video they’ve received and what a difference it has made to their experience.

4) Larger incomes leave space for a good experience to have a greater impact on their decision. Use video to turn the buying process into a more emotive one, changing the conversation from price to experience. Increasing convenience, especially for long-distance sales, can also be a key differentiator and when combined with a delivery service can be the decisive factor in making the sale.

Summary: Video for Baby-Boomers

The over-55s have extensive car-buying experience and confidence from decades in the workplace and several car ownership cycles. With larger disposable income and a love for convenience and a good experience, this group welcomes the use of video when shopping for their next vehicle. Shaped by their experience they are likely to have fixed ideas about the car they want to drive and are likely to remain loyal to both brand and dealership. Video offers a way to continually engage throughout the lifecycle and boost retention if you are lucky enough to count these types among your customers.

*The Vision report combines survey responses from 2,000 UK motorists with video usage data from leading UK groups and brands. You can download the full report here