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Taking our online training to the next level

We’ve teamed up with learning management software providers Eloomi to take our Academy training to the next level.

The CitNOW Academy has been vital in the company’s development and expansion as well as establishing video as a critical tool of the trade in the automotive industry. By providing a range of learning tools and training modules, we have helped our clients maximise their use of video. This service is increasingly in demand, particularly as we grow our client base to include manufacturer networks at home and across the globe. Eloomi takes us on the next step of that journey, evolving our online eLearning offering and making it sleeker, more accessible, and more interactive.


Currently, our eLearning resource is hosted on the CitNOW Dashboard. By utilising a stand-alone learning package, we will be able to deliver a much higher level of sophistication. Accessed online at the employee’s convenience and in their workplace, our eLearning content will continue to provide dealers with a competitive edge ensuring their video content is of the highest quality, but with additional tools including in-depth reporting, measurement and individual learning records.


We will provide more information in the coming weeks but, in the meantime, if you have any questions, get in touch