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Boost watch rates with SMS

With the smartphone keeping us ever more connected on the go, it’s little wonder that a simple text can have a big impact on your video watch rates.

The latest stats show an average 57% watch rate when an email is sent solo to a customer. That jumps to an incredible 74% watch rate if a text is sent along with an email.

Video as a content medium has high engagement rates watch rates but the uplift when combining an email with an SMS is stark so we would advise our users to always communicate using both methods.

Customers are going mobile

In its 2018 report, Ofcom, the government body for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries, found the 62% of time spent on the internet was on mobile devices. This can be broken down even further with 37% of the time spent online using a smartphone when we’re at home and 72% when we’re out and about.

Consumers never stay still and are increasingly spend time on a range of online channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The Ofcom report found by 2017, average outgoing messages (including SMS and MMS) per mobile phone subscription had fallen to 82 per month, having peaked in 2012 at 162 per month.

The text message still has a vital role to play in reaching customers. A 2017 survey undertaken by online smartphone retailer found texting topped the list of how we used our smartphones with 88% of us using it for this purpose – text’s use is widespread and here to stay.

This contrasts with phone call which didn’t even make the top 10. 27% of consumers said they don’t use a smartphone to make a call in a given a week. As the purchase process digitalises it seems phone calls are an increasingly unfamiliar and uncomfortable channel for car buyers.

How to stay in touch

Text and email remain excellent ways to get and stay in touch with customers and prospects enabling retailers to deliver easy-to-consume information, like video, at the consumers convenience. Adding SMS is an effective way to get even more from your CitNOW subscription.

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