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Showcasing in-car tech: Your ultimate guide

The technology available inside the cars of today is playing a bigger and bigger role in the buyer’s decision-making process. New vehicles are packed with information and processing power that keeps us safe, comfortable and entertained on every journey we make. And it’s no surprise that a recent ICDP car buyers survey highlighted that wanting the latest technology was one of the main reasons for people to buy a new car*.

We’ve seen a noticeable trend in sales executives devoting more time in their walkaround videos to the increased technology inside the cabin of today’s modern cars. But which features should you show, and how can you communicate information about them in the right way?

To help, we’ve created this article and downloadable guide exploring how to inform potential customers about the interior of a vehicle they are interested in. This helps ensure the right blend of interior and exterior is shown off, and that best practice is applied, when highlighting in-car tech through video. We’ll start with this clip on good tech explanations:

What should you include when highlighting in-car tech?

Modern cars contain so much technology that there’s plenty to choose from. However, while some of this tech is so common that it might be taken for granted, how it’s used can vary significantly from car to car, and between different manufacturers. Differing software platforms and functionality are therefore worth highlighting so that customers get to see the specifics of a car, along with any cutting-edge innovations that may stand a particular model out from the crowd.

Typical technology includes (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • Communications: Bluetooth and handsfree phone connectivity
  • Navigation: Satnav and onboard map functionality
  • Parking: Cameras, sensors and park assist technology
  • Entertainment: CarPlay, Android, radio and music streaming
  • Maintenance: Wiper blades, tyre pressure information, service and oil level warnings
  • Customisation: How the cockpit area and displays can be adjusted to driver preferences

There are two approaches that can be taken when highlighting these areas in videos, depending on the context of the video being produced. One is to tick every box and ensure that all the major areas have been covered (ideal for a more general video); however, if a customer has enquired about one particular function or feature, then that should be given extra prominence so that the customer gets the personalised information they’re looking for.

How can you elevate your videos?

Along with the features themselves, there are many tactics that sales executives can use to help bring the technology to life and make the video stand out:

Clear language: Avoid using jargon, and reeling off a huge list of every single feature. Instead, take time to explain and demonstrate practical applications and uses, especially if a customer has requested info about a particular feature.

Demonstrations: Rather than just mentioning that a customer can use technology, demonstrations of it in action can really help to highlight the experience and usability of key features. This applies in particular to features like connecting their phone to the car and using navigation software.

Driver’s-eye view: By capturing your interior videos from the driver’s seat, it’s possible to show features to their fullest and help customers imagine being in the car themselves. If a customer is looking at various models and receives a really good, clear video profile of the features of one of them, it could well make the difference in getting a sale.

Personalisation: Clear and thorough explanations of features, and personalising to the customer, will go a long way to creating a great first impression of the sales executive and the dealership. In turn, this boosts the chances of securing a test drive or reservation.

In summary

All of this creates excitement, helps a customer engage more, and helps them feel more confident that the car will do everything they want it to. It’s also a great way to build rapport and demonstrates a depth of knowledge and expertise in the sales executive and the dealership as a whole.

Explore our handy guide to creating great videos that perfectly highlight in-car technology here.

*ICDP, 2021 consumer survey, n = 2,405.