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Reimagining the enquiry process: How video can help

The current pandemic has been one of the most difficult challenges the automotive industry has had to face, however it’s also arguably been one of the biggest triggers for change.


Dealerships are reimagining how they interact with customers and are moving to a more digital approach, whilst respecting the changing social distancing rules. All of this is taking place whilst efficiently managing the demand which has built up during the lockdown.

In a recent AutoTrader survey, more than a third of respondents suggested they were planning on purchasing a car within the next three months, and more than half were planning to buy within the next year. AM Online has reported an increase in enquiries too, with a rise of 35% witnessed in June.

Dealing with the surge of enquiries associated with this pent-up demand is likely to be the next big challenge dealerships face – with many changing their approach to handling enquiries as a result. Some dealerships are now choosing to manage enquiries via a centralised, administrative team in an effort to increase the efficiency of their response.

Whether you plan on taking similar steps, or are simply looking to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your existing processes, video can help. This blog will explore how…

Videos don’t just look good, they’re more efficient

When you’re dealing with a big long list of enquiries, you not only want to get through them efficiently, you want to make a good first impression. Thankfully, video helps you do both.

With a video enquiry response, you can introduce yourself much more personally, and in a much more engaging way. But, you’ll also get through that list of enquiries a lot quicker too.

That’s because, unlike a traditional phone call, when you send a video, you only have to do it once. And with a video watch rate of around 85%, this could potentially save you hours following up enquiries, with no response at the end of it all. Not only that, when the Notify feature is used within CitNOW, the video taker gets an immediate notification when the customer has watched the video meaning a well-timed follow up call can be made.

Emotion sells

Every salesperson knows it – emotion sells. And as non-salespeople are now often involved in the enquiry processes, and with many enquiries being dealt with from home, using video can help you build an emotional connection with the prospective buyer.

Through a video enquiry response, the customer is able to see the person they are dealing with – which is the next best thing to a physical connection.

It’s the fact the buyer can see you that helps build the trust and confidence they need to commit to making a purchase – something you simply can’t replicate over the phone.

It’s also true that most people buy from the first dealer they are in contact with, so why not get yourself to the front of the queue.

Tips to get you started

Whether you’re new to responding to enquiries, or looking to sharpen up your skills after lockdown, we thought we’d leave you with some of our top tips.

Watch our video below, which runs through some of the basics to creating really effective sales videos away from the showroom.

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