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Putting our old laptops to good use

Students from the Maasai community in Kenya are making good use of legacy laptops following our partnership with a local charity.

Self-help group Eyieunoto Nabaya was formed by the Maasai people to create a new way of life as land reforms has meant the community has had to abandon its nomadic lifestyle.

Instead of recycling or disposing of company laptops we are no longer using, we’ve teamed up with the group to offer the laptops to the community, providing valuable learning tools and access to the internet.

Emmanuel Mankura, the community leader, captures the ‘joy’ of our gift.

The arrival of the computers created great excitement and the group organised a raffle-type draw among students attending school and university, who needed support or who didn’t have a laptop or access to a PC.

The laptops were handed over to the individuals by senior community people.

Located 100 km southwest of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, the Maasai now live on a permanent ranch since a changing climate – which sees longer periods of drought as well as farming restrictions, has impacted their traditional way of life.

Eyieunoto Nabaya is focused on education, conservation, and eradicating hunger. The group has purchased beehives to provide a source of food for the community and to sell at market, as well as increasing meat production for the same dual purpose. The Maasai also recognise the need to educate their youngsters so in future they can ensure their needs are properly and extensively represented to the Kenyan government. Our laptop donation will help them with their education programme.

The connection with Changemaker and the Eyieunoto Nabaya Community Organisation came about through our non-executive director, Chris Lacey. Chris used Changemaker to deliver an ‘Experiential Learning’ programme based in Spain to over 6,000 delegates back in 1994.

We will continue to provide the group with as much assistance as we can and we will bring you further updates. If any of our customers would also like to become involved with the project, we will happily put them in touch with Chris who will provide details.

Learn more about the Maasai tribe from Emmanuel Mankura in this TEDx talk:

You can find out more about the Eyieunoto Nabaya charity and what they are trying to achieve on their website.