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One million videos in September help plate change month

With September nearly closed, retailers will have worked tirelessly to deliver ‘68’ plate cars to exceed targets and turnaround part-exchange vehicles as quickly as possible.  For us this means we are on track to host more than one million videos for the first time in just a single month.

As if September isn’t busy enough for retailers, on 1st September the new emission testing, the EU’s Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) and Real Driving Emissions (RDE) tests came into force.

With stock issues reported across the sector, consumer misunderstanding and vehicles tested under the old regime needing to sell, video can help educate, dispel myths and promote any offers.

Video has played a formidable role in shifting metal and keeping customers informed about the arrival of their ‘68’ plate car as well as being used to market part-exchange vehicles online and to send personal messages when an enquiry is made.

Enabling retailers to connect faster and communicate better, video is being used in innovative ways from highlighting offers to creating excitement surrounding a customer’s new car arrival.

End of finance

As a customer’s finance agreement comes to an end, retailers are using video to highlight latest versions of their car or different models which may be of interest. As well as a reminder that the agreement is coming to an end for customers, many of whom have funded vehicles through PCPs and so need to take some action, it provides them with details of possible next vehicles.

Retailer: Barrett’s Canterbury Mini


Video is one way to stimulate interest and whet potential customers’ appetite. Delivering the wow factor in a personal way drawing attention to particular aspects of the vehicle following an enquiry or a generic message explaining a current offer, video will help drive the message home.

Retailer: John Banks Renault Cambridge


Picking up a new vehicle is hugely exciting for customers and retailers are using video to tap into that anticipation as well as to deliver valuable messages. A short video demonstrating the vehicle prior to collection helps customers understand the features and enables the video taker to highlight useful information such as the warranty. Such communications are likely to boost customer satisfaction levels and CSI scores.

Retailer: Corkhills Volkswagen Wigan

Thank you

A vital part of the sales process is remembering to say thank-you for your customer’s business and video provides an excellent way to communicate that message.  Making people feel valued means they are more likely to return for routine servicing and when it’s time to buy a new car.

Retailer: Alexander’s Prestige


Video is being used to successfully upsell accessories and add-on products like smart insurance whilst customers are waiting for confirmation of the date for delivery or during the ownership cycle. Premium retailer Lancaster Ferrari increased accessory sales by 65% simply by using video to draw attention to products with those sent ahead of a scheduled service proving most effective.

Retailer: Dick Lovett Sporting

Used cars

Video is now widely used to market the car online as part of the used car listing and as a personal message in response to an enquiry providing a more detailed overview and a chance to highlight features of interest to the individual. Latest CitNOW research found more than 50% of customers believe an online video tour as part of a used car’s listing is important or essential whilst a further 7% request a video when one isn’t immediately received.

This plate change might be nearly over but you can be better prepared to take full advantage of the next one. To have CitNOW ready for your next plate change, get in touch.