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What makes a good video?

Our latest research reveals that customers highly value great experiences, which means businesses need to provide personalised, relevant communications.

As video has evolved into a sophisticated communication tool, the simple answer is that a good video has to be determined by both context and content – which inevitably work together. For example a video promoting a particular offer can be upbeat and conversational. A personalised workshop video highlighting work required on the other hand, needs to include the necessary detail and accompanying visuals with clear, concise explanations.

Customers value great experiences

Almost nine in ten (86%) buyers will pay more for an enhanced experience and in 2020, experience is set to overtake price and product, as the key brand differentiator.
The CitNOW Awards took place in January 2020, and gives food for thought about the way great customer experiences can take place . Retailers raise the bar every year with the quality and creativity of entrants. Each year we uncover a host of unique approaches, as sales and service teams find new ways to use video to engage customers.
An incredible 1,679 video entries were submitted into our five categories – a massive 77% increase on the previous awards – giving our panel of judges the extremely tough job of selecting the finalists and winners

Video as an innovative messaging tool.

Retailers are highly inventive in their use of video, with very different clips to suit certain promotions, customers and seasonal events –  illustrating how video is now an innovative visual messaging tool which captures the imagination of customers.

Finalists found in the 2019 CitNOW Awards ‘Most Creative’ category included a video to encourage customers to upgrade their vehicles, a parts team who explained their promotion as though they were Grand National commentators, a personalised eVHC for a deaf customer using stick-it-notes and visual directions to a hard-to-find dealership including the exact location of customer parking and an introduction to the team.

Future predictions

American conversational marketing and sales tech company Drift highlights four video trends for 2020 recognising video as a ‘must have’ which is now reaching critical mass among marketers.

The first trend, interestingly and worth experimenting with, is the use of the webcam in helping to close sales. Stats show it was used 41% more often in deals that were closed and won, compared to those which were not. The message is quite clear – turn the camera on.  Using video calling when speaking to customers makes interactions far more personal and according to the research, it’s the ‘people’ factor that helps win consumers over.

The second trend will be familiar to many of CitNOW’s users, the use of personalised video messages when communicating with customers.

Thirdly, sales teams should utilise video on LinkedIn to leverage connections and forge relationships. Drift has harnessed the power of posting videos on the B2B platform with the company’s VP of marketing regularly achieving 100k+ views.

Fourth, text continues to dominate the cold emails whereas response rates could be boosted by opting for a more interactive approach. Studies show only 13% of ‘cold call’ sales emails incorporate an interactive element with just 6% of those containing video yet video has been shown to drive four times the number of click throughs.

Making a good script

With increasing numbers of dealers utilising explainer videos both on group websites and to support personal email messages, video production company Video Brewery explains how to put together a ‘killer script’ for an explainer video . Video Brewery provides seven tips:-

1) Keep the script short
2) Deliver your message in the first 30 seconds
3) Speak directly to the audience
4) Make sure the tone is spot on
5) Tell a story
6) A joke can be great but use humour wisely
7) Deliver dialogue at a steady pace of between 120-150 words a minute

With that in mind, we look forward to viewing even more innovative videos in 2020. Take a look at the creations of the CitNOW Awards finalists and winners , which we are confident you will find inspiring and remember. Entries are open for the 2020 awards, start submitting your entries for 2020’s awards at the CitNOW Awards website. We hope to see you at the ceremony next year!