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Make your videos magic with Masterclasses

72% of customers share good experiences with others. Our Masterclass sessions are designed to help dealerships gain a deeper understanding of how video can take their personalised communications to the next level.

Typically, we run Sales and Workshop sessions consecutively, with three key areas of development – video taking basics, ways to drive new revenue, and dashboard and reporting tips. The content is recommended for dealer principals, sales managers, workshop managers and senior team members.

So far this year we have held three Masterclass sessions up and down the country, with over one hundred attendees able to return to their businesses with a renewed focus on video. Feedback from the sessions, which can also be tailored to meet specific requirements or address particular issues, has been incredibly positive.

Read on for some invaluable tips, taken from our Masterclass sessions, to help you get even more from your video toolkit.

Create stand-out Sales and Workshop videos

Quick pointers to boost your video performance with more effective, more efficient videos.

  • Tell your customers to expect a video from you to increase watch rates.
  • Highlight features, parts, or issues with pointers or chalk for clarity.
  • Listen to your customers’ requirements and concerns to help you personalise your videos.
  • Send videos by both SMS and email to increase open and watch rates.
  • Let your personality shine!

Delight your customers at every step

80% of people are more likely to purchase if a video is watched. Our Video Relationship Management diagram highlights the many opportunities during your customer journey where video can really make the difference.

Video is a great communication tool for building customer relationships and providing transparency. Introduce your dealership, confirm appointments, and reach out to customers when it’s too far for them to travel. Sales teams can also use video for prospecting customers at the end of finance agreements. In the workshop, send VHC Amber Follow-Up reminders to increase your Amber work sold, and record ‘Green’ videos to show when a car is in full working order.

Track and analyse

Tips to help you best utilise your dashboard and monitor your video performance.

  • Check on video ratings - Finish videos with a clear call to action and encourage customers to leave a rating.
  • Analyse data and spot trends - Have daily targets for number of videos to send.
  • View staff performance - See which videos or video takers perform best.

Stay tuned for information on our next Masterclasses via our newsletter and events page.  If your Group could benefit from a dedicated Masterclass, please contact us.