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The impact of automotive video: How automotive video can help you drive sales…

Not to be too doom-and-gloom or anything – but we can all recognise that the automotive sector is going through a bit of a tough time of late.

Global car sales have seen a sharp drop recently (down 4m according to Forbes), due in part to a distinct decline in the Chinese market, harsher environmental regulations and a wave of domestic issues in the UK.

At the same time, the industry is having to adapt to big changes in consumer expectations and behaviour, brought about as a result of digitisation.

More often than not, today’s customer starts their search for new wheels online. In fact, in our recent study, we found that a third (32%) of car buyers are now comfortable purchasing a vehicle entirely online.

That makes high-quality digital assets like images and video a crucial part of the car sales process. But what is the true impact of automotive video? And what can you expect by embracing it?

Let’s have a look under the hood and find out.

Greater engagement (even Google says so)…

A Google case study from late last year shows the impact that automotive video content can have, with one dealership reporting hikes in both online leads and in-store footfall as a result. The likes of Volvo and Subaru also shared positive experiences.

In the study, 75% of car buyers confirmed that online video has influenced their shopping habits. Of the shoppers who use video to research a vehicle, more than 60% then go on to visit a dealership or dealer website.

In short, video gets people to the showroom.

More trust – in sales and servicing

While it’s entirely unfair and unjustified, some customers still retain a degree of scepticism in their dealings with the motor industry.

Video is the perfect way to break down these misconceptions, introducing a greater sense of trust by putting the customer fully in the picture.

That doesn’t just mean car buyers being able to see, hear and explore the vehicle (or the work being done, in the case of workshop). It means being able to see and hear the salesperson or the mechanic too – establishing a personal connection between customer and company.

Get more mileage with greater reach

With a third of buyers now comfortable with the idea of buying their next car online, sales are no longer restricted by your geographical location – with automotive video helping to break down the physical boundary between buyer and showroom.

Sure, customers can’t take a test drive via video . But they can hear the engine, check under the bonnet and inspect the interior – all in their own time, without any pressure on the forecourt.

It all means you can sell your vehicles to a much wider audience than ever before – and that can only be good news for your bottom line.

In conclusion…

These might be challenging times for the car industry, but automotive video represents an incredibly exciting opportunity to boost sales in any market conditions.

Through greater engagement, wider reach and an enhanced sense of trust, video can help you deliver a whole new car buying experience.

With automotive video, you’ll be able to meet the needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) customer, head on.