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How retailers are driving efficiency with video

Retailers can now open their doors to the public once again, however the digital tools that have been so useful during lockdown still have a major role to play. Part of this is down to the consumer demand that is expected to last through the weeks and months ahead, alongside the ongoing increase in online research and purchasing activity. Any methods to perfect the customer experience, and to handle greater volumes of enquiries and meet customer expectations, will make a big difference to success.

One of the many great features of CitNOW is the ability to have different “video purposes”. This enables the automated addition of intro (pre roll) and/or outro (post roll) video clips to the different types of personalised video you create. Additionally, the video purpose chosen when you create your CitNOW video sends specifically tailored email and text messaging alongside the personal video link. Utilising this feature will enhance the professionalism of your customer communications whilst really personalising to their enquiry.

How can you use video purposes?

How you can maximise your use of CitNOW with different types of video will vary from dealer to dealer – you’re only really limited by your imagination. To give you some food for thought, here are five areas where we’ve already seen a variety of video purposes making a real difference to CitNOW customers:

COVID procedures: Many customers will want reassurance that all necessary steps have been taken to make the dealership COVID-secure, but explaining this individually for every single customer would be incredibly time-consuming. To solve this, a short clip setting out the details can be created and assigned to each video automatically after choosing a specific video purpose in-app. This will be particularly useful for videos confirming appointment bookings that customers have made, but can also help build confidence if applied more widely to other videos.

Dealership procedures: A video clip and associated video purpose can be created to explain the various purchasing options available to each customer: physical, online or a combination of the two – allowing them to choose whichever they’re most comfortable with. Check-in and drop-off procedures can also be walked through to ensure your workshop customers are fully informed before their service appointment takes place.

New car marketing: Video purposes can be used to integrate marketing or promotional footage into the personalised videos that each customer receives. This is particularly useful when a new model has been launched and you have leads to follow up but no demo model in stock yet. Keeping in touch with prospects during launch through personalised video updates, followed by the automatic application of a promotional video clip of the car, could make the difference of where the customer ultimately buys from – or whether they wait for the vehicle at all. Watch the video below to see this in practice.

Electric vehicle education: PHEV and EV sales are on the rise as they become increasingly practical and financially viable to buy and run. However, there’s still a considerable gap in knowledge around them for many consumers, in how they work and how they should be maintained. A video clip for a video purpose specific to PHEVs and EVs can help explain some of the basics that customers might find helpful as they search for a car that’s right for them. Facts and tips around charging, power measurements and basic care will all prove useful here.

Electronic Vehicle Health Checks (eVHCs): In our recent survey, we found that dealers and customers alike find eVHCs valued resources. However, many of them contain large amounts of technical terminology that may be difficult for some customers to fully understand. A Workshop app explainer clip describing the traffic light system which seamlessly rolls into a personal eVHC video is one of our most popular uses of video purposes – and makes the information all the more beneficial for the customer. They will know what to look for and what to expect as the check of their vehicle appears on screen.

Don’t forget, these are just ideas around utilising video purposes within the system – how you use them and the video content you create is really down to you. We have a wealth of material with ideas on getting creative with your video content – from personalised walkarounds and in-car tech walk-throughs, to utilising live video and desktop sharing throughout the customer journey.

The CitNOW team is available to help you make the most from your experience and get fully up to speed with all the video functionality available to you. For their expert help and advice, and for assistance setting up video purposes and associated video clips, contact our team here.