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Highlights of the 2019 CitNOW Awards shortlist

With the 2019 CitNOW Awards shortlist now revealed, we thought we’d take a look at some of the finalists stand-out videos. Only the most creative, high-quality and enthusiastic videos have made the cut – so let’s explore some of the highlights from each awards category.


This year’s Sales category is a tough field with all the videos in with a chance. November’s Video of the Month winner from Douglas Park BMW Stirling was noted for its production quality. By keeping the camera in one place, and by using peripheral devices, such as a tripod, bluetooth remote and wireless microphone the video really has that studio feel. Another video that caught the attention of the judges was from Arnold Clark’s Kilmarnock Ford, with a creative way of communicating a sales enquiry for a hard of hearing customer.


The overseas category is a testament to CitNOW’s global growth – with dealerships in several countries across the world entering this year’s awards. And, whilst all of the videos proved the value of automotive video has now boundaries, it’s the entry by BANIX that really stands out. Not just because of the stunning backdrop, but also because of the sales executive’s detailed and thorough demonstration of the BMW’s impressive list of features.

The video from Autozentrum Biedenkopf-Acker deserves a mention too. The workshop engineer has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of a hard of hearing customer, a wonderful display of care, attention and inclusivity.


The role of the workshop video is to build trust through greater transparency and honest communication. All of this year’s videos do this really well,  the video by Farnell Jaguar & Land Rover Leeds is nominations worthy due to the level of detail the engineer goes into – visually showing all of his concerns to justify his recommendations. Communication is good here too, with the workshop engineer speaking slowly and clearly – an excellent workshop video.

Most creative

Finally, the category that recognises the most interesting and creative videos created by our customers – from guess the wheel competitions to miss-kicked footballs and celebrity cut-outs. Whilst all these videos showed a great deal of ingenuity, and a little comedy too, it’s man’s best friend that stole the show here.
It’s worth mentioning the video from Tamworth Jaguar not only demonstrated the useful pet-friendly features of the car, but all of those in the video (including our fluffy friend) did a great job of communicating clearly.

So, all that’s left to do now is choose the winner! Keep an eye on the Awards website and follow us on social media for updates on January’s awards ceremony. You can find us at @citnow on twitter or LinkedIn