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Feeling good: Building emotion and relationships in car buyers with automotive video

For many people, buying a new car will be one of the biggest and most important purchases they’ll ever make, aside from buying a house. As a result, it’s something that people take incredibly seriously and feel emotionally invested in, whether they’re buying their first set of wheels, a brand new vehicle or the sporty model they’ve always dreamed of.

Because consumers treat buying a car as something much more than a transaction, it’s absolutely crucial that sellers do the same. Giving a customer the bare facts and information may do the job at face value, but this ignores any opportunity to demonstrate how the car feels, and for the customer to buy into the car, the brand and the experience. Work to create positive emotions, and not only will customers be more likely to buy, but they’ll also be more likely to come back as a loyal repeat buyer in the future.

This blog takes a closer look at just how important relationship-building is within car-buying, and what you can do to improve the emotion within the touchpoints of your sales process.

The true importance of relationships

Even in a digital world where customers have more choice at their fingertips than ever before, strong relationships with retailers remain an important and valued part of car-buying. However, retailers may find it challenging to forge those relationships when more and more of the sales process is conducted online. Our recent industry survey saw over three-quarters of automotive professionals (76%) state relationship building as their top concern amid the rise in online sales.

To gain a full understanding of how customers feel, we conducted research with more than 1000 consumers across a wide demographic. The figures point to some vital ways in which dealers can better connect with prospective buyers:

  • Trust remains important in building emotional connections with older buyers: 46% of customers over the age of 50 say they would choose one retailer over another if they had a better relationship or level of trust with one of them.
  • Young consumers build trust through video: nearly 40% of buyers aged between 18 and 30 said building a trusting, emotional connection with a dealer is the most valuable aspect of video.
  • The personal touch via video resonates: 41% of car buyers say personalised interaction is one of the most valuable aspects of video communication – this figure rises to nearly half (47%) among women. It’s therefore a key opportunity to generate emotional connections with your buyers.
Connecting through video

The answer to forging close relationships, even when more of the sales process is online, lies in using both live and pre-recorded video to their fullest potential. Bringing information to the customer with enthusiasm helps to fuel their emotions and form a better connection between the vehicle, the sales individual and the retailer.

  • Live video appointments: Respond to initial customer enquiries with a speedy invite to a live video appointment at a time that’s convenient for them. Through video, a customer can see the areas of the car they’re most interested in, and get answers to the questions most important to them. This tailored approach can play a major part in making the customer feel that their requirements and desires are being prioritised and is the closest to a face-to-face appointment you can get without the customer onsite.
  • Recorded walkthrough videos: These videos can highlight all the major features of a vehicle, both inside and out, and then be sent to a customer to view at their leisure. Not only does this provide further information and clarity, but it can also be used as an opportunity to bring both the car and the brand to life. Ultimately, selling the dream can be just as powerful as selling the car.
  • Desktop sharing: Live video enabled through your desktop allows you to have a real-time video call with additional screen sharing functionality, to go through the finer details such as contracts and finance agreements. Customers are able to have a face-to-face appointment with the sales representative, enabling the trust, transparency and relationship building to still grow remotely.
  • Click and collect videos: This will all be new for the customer – where do they go, how do they pick up their new car, where do they leave their part exchange? Questions which can be answered in a couple of minutes with a click and collect explainer video. This additional level of service will be unexpected, continuing to forge the positivity in their experience with you and further build trust.
  • Handover videos: Little things still go a long way with many customers, and positive memories of good customer service will help encourage brand loyalty – and therefore repeat business in the future. A pre-collection handover video informs the customer of everything they need to know about their new vehicle – whether it be how to set up the in-car entertainment system, how to operate the dashboard or how to charge their new EV. Whatever key information they require, you can demonstrate on a personalised handover video sent just before they pick the vehicle up.

Explore the trends within the car-buying public, and learn how you can use technology to connect with them better than ever before. Download your free copy of our report, Accelerating the Digital Customer Experience, today.