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How to demonstrate your workshop hygiene measures with video

Workshops across the UK, and around the world, have remained open to ensure key workers stay mobile – so they can continue saving lives and supporting our communities without worrying about how they’re going to get to work.

While able to stay open for key workers, workshops also have a responsibility to protect them – as well as the many people they might come into contact with in hospitals, care homes, supermarkets, and of course, in their own personal lives.


For this reason, key workers will naturally be interested in seeing the work you’re doing to help keep them safe. Sterilizing surfaces, ensuring social distancing and changing your drop off and collection processes for example.

Using video is a great way to communicate these measures, and to help reassure key workers during this challenging time. Take a look at the post roll video created by one customer below, which plays seamlessly after every personal CitNOW Workshop video they record.

We’re on hand to add a video to your CitNOW solution as a post roll free of charge. Once loaded up, your personal Workshop video will seamlessly roll into your pre-recorded post roll video showing the hygiene measures you are going through. The video could also be used post-lockdown when hygiene and social distancing will still be apparent.

How can you do this without a professional video crew?

As we all know, using a professional-grade camera and skilled personnel would give the best results, however this is not possible within current restrictions. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you create a professional-looking video from your device that you can use on all your upcoming bookings. We can help with minor video edits and adding an audio track or captions if you require – with no extra charge. We’re in this together, and this is a small way we can help you during these challenging times.

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If you’re a CitNOW customer, we’re happy to help you create your own workshop hygiene video, so please get in touch. Our Customer Support team is available on 01189 977740 or via email at from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (UK time).